City Arts

Bringing the Arts to the Community

Community Arts Projects

The City Arts project believed that Art was for sharing, so we took our artists to the streets to meet the neighbours. We worked with Nottingham Castle Museum and Lakeside Arts Center to create a series of murals and outdoor crafts to decorate temporary exhibitions and celebrations. We created a display for Light Night, Lanterns for Diwali and created canvas art for local coffee shops to promote mental health awareness.

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Photography Courses

Our Arts were not limited to just paints and brushes. Photography and digital art are growing and we did not want our community members left behind. We created a photography workshop for all abilities, whether they had a digital camera or just their mobile phone. The group planned excursions to famous sites and beautiful landscapes to develop practical skills. We also invited local photographers to give short lectures and in-house workshops to help members improve their capture and processing methods.

Theatre Groups

Art is to be made but also to be beheld, and many of our members enjoyed the theatrical arts. We teamed up with Nottingham Playhouse who kindly provided tickets for members to attend their evening and matinee shows for free, opening up the world of the theatre to everyone, regardless of their background. These tickets were for those who had an interest in the theatre but were unable to access the arts due to crisis or economical barriers. The group was a success and helped people discover their love of theatre.


Gallery and Museum Visits

History meets Art at the local gallery, and many of our members had spent little or no time exploring the creatives of the past. The group would visit both contemporary and traditional art galleries and brought home inspiration for their own work.
A sub-group was organised to visit historical galleries and sites of interest, in an effort to understand those who came before. We attended the Galleries of Justice Museum, Nottingham Castle of The Brewhouse Yard who kindly opened their doors to us at a free or discounted rate to support our charitable work.

Art Groups

What is an Art Community without an Art group? I lead this myself, as an experienced Artist I was keen to share my skills and help others to develop theirs. The group had a therapeutic element as I am also a qualified mental health professional, but the main purpose was for artists of all levels to connect and create beautiful pieces together in an appropriate environment. Many of our members did not have the means or physical space at home to create their masterpieces, so we provided all under one roof.

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