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Notttingham Castle Museum

Nottingham Castle Museum and Art gallery commissioned support for the 'From The Sunshine to The Snow' Exhibition in celebration of Black History Month. Local histories were collated from the local community and organised into a beautiful collection of stories and artifacts for public display. The Exhibition was held in the Autumn of 2009 for three months and attracted a huge audience, with over 200 members of the public in attendance on opening night

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A History of the Occult

A Pagan and Wiccan society requested content to increase the traffic to their blog. A series of historical articles on witchcraft and pagan ritual was produced and published on their site. The society is an online enterprise that attracts members from all over the world. The work produced was professional, informative and inclusive to all members.


Nottinghamshire NHS

Continuous projects have been created and delivered for the Nottinghamshire NHS services. The service requests both online and offline content, primarily promoting mental health engagement.
Projects range from blog posts and websites to printed newsletters and leaflets. Columns feature healthy lifestyle advice, up to date service news and general information.

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Mixed Foundations

Mixed Foundations required a website and an administrative process for their non-for-profit charity. The charity, which supported vulnerable young people, wanted to feature dynamic and relatable content to increase public engagement. They purchased a package, increased their online presence and set up a streamlined administration process for efficient business management.

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The Live! Project

The Live! Project was a community-funded mental health organisation which engaged older people who suffer from dementia. Over a period of 12 months, they increased the quality of content in their monthly newsletter, underwent a redesign of their website and overall image. The Project reported an increase in audience members and greater success with funding applications.

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Takeaway Memes

Takeaway and food memes was a project I created back in 2015 and has since grown a following of thousands. The page is humourous in nature and looks to the funny side of the modern health food industry. The page uses humor to highlight the challenges we face maintaining our health and managing our eating habits.

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HandMade Dreams

Handmade Dreams was a web project on behalf of a client who wanted to sell her Handmade Dreamcatchers online with an option to hire.
She wanted an interactive website that promoted her brands vision and tone. The delicate design and Bohemian feel really complimented in her image and that of her product.
She requested the site be built on the Wix platform for easy management after our collaboration had finished.
I both built the website and wrote the content. She was delighted with the result.

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Classical Wisdom blog

I am a regular contributor to the Classical Wisdom project.


Every month I write blog posts for Classical Wisdom that engages readers and adds to the already immense library of ancient knowledge.

Writing about history and philosophy really is a great passion of mine. I graduated from University with a Bachelors degree in History which has given me great research skills and a knack for communicating complex ideas in a simple form.


Follow the link direct to view one of my articles in full!


Project Esotera

Project Esotera is an information-sharing Facebook Page. The site uses stunning images and eloquent feature articles to promote holistic healthcare. 
The content and design are targeted directly toward a particular audience. The images are original and captured using state-of-the-art photography equipment, and adjusted using digital GIMP and Adobe software.

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