Student Outreach

The Alumni Fellowship

I have been a proud Nottingham Trent University Alumni Fellow for several years. I graduated from NTU with a degree in History in 2011 and gained a Masters Degree In Research from The University of Nottingham in 2017.
NTU invited me back in 2015 to give guidance to their current undergraduates, and share my experience of NTU as a student. I also attend faculty meetings as an Alumni representative to give course feedback and collaborate with the Students Union and the staff, refining the History course to work the best advantage of the students and their careers. I also give advice to students who wish to continue their studies after graduation. My work with NTU is ongoing.

Student Mentoring

I mentor students on and one to one and group basis, focusing on their networking and interview skills. I am also invited to deliver talks and lectures which reflect on my own career path and provide examples to students in how they can spot and use opportunities that come their way. My goal is to teach the students that learning doesn't finish after graduation, I highlight the importance of real-world experience and engagement. The sessions are followed with Q&A opportunities, however, I always make myself available to students via email and Skype throughout the year.

Careers Workshops

Alongside mentoring I also attend and deliver group workshops with faculty members and other Alumni Graduates. These workshops include group discussions and activities around career planning. The workshops help students to identify possible future careers and provide guidance to start working towards their goals before graduation. The workshops are also designed to help first-year students who may feel lost or overwhelmed by the University lifestyle. I and the other graduates continue to offer our time and experience to ensure that the students have all the support they need throughout their journey at University.


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