The Writers Studio

Group Workshops

The Writers Group Weekly Workshop was a space created for individuals to share their interest in the craft and to explore their ideas and work with others. The group provided constructive feedback and an open discussion about literature and the arts. The sessions had both a practical and therapeutic effect for those who participated.

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Journal Therapy

The Writers Studio promoted Journalling for those on the road to recovery and health. Journalling is proven to help those who are in therapy and assist creative minds in organising their thoughts and reflections. Most of the members kept a personal journal, either as a therapeutic exercise or as a means of mapping their progress. We invited authors to share parts of their journal with the group or therapist as a method of emotional processing. This was an optional excercise.

Creative Writing Courses

As we were fortunate enough to have access to a local published author and poet we provided free creative writing courses on a weekly basis to both members and non-members of The Writers Studio. This was a highly successful course that ran every week throughout the year. We held open mic nights over the course of the year for members to share their short pieces with the public. Not only did this increase public engagement, but it also provided a confidence boost to those who participated.

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