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The womens group was a chance for women from all backgrounds to share experiences and make new friends. Many of the women who joined the group had faced adversity in life and wanted to connect with other women for mutual support.
We provided a safe space for them to talk, share stories and help each other on their life's journey. Whilst we met in-house, we often ventured out to parks, cafes and recreational grounds, supporting them towards leading fulfilling and independent lives.

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Community and Self Engagement

Many of the women who joined us had been trapped in unhealthy relationships or a negative family life, which had acted as a barrier to finding meaning in their day to day routine. We took them out of their comfort zones and explored community spaces and natural environments to promote health and wellbeing. Trekking and country walking soon became a favorite. The members found solace in nature, they connected with each other, themselves and the natural environment.

Careers Support and Training

Our group wasn't limited to therapeutic talks and walking. The core aim of our group was to build every woman's confidence in herself, and that included support to access training and education services. We provided opportunities for our members to re-enter the workforce, utilising training, and confidence-building techniques to help them return to work after a long absence of ill health, or to restart a new career entirely. Many of our women returned to school and academia, gained qualifications and now help other women who have suffered similar circumstances to achieve their dreams and ambitions.

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